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We provide Coordinated Specialty Care

You Are Not Alone, We Can Help

Specialty care improves quality of life and treatment compliance

So you can participate in school and work.

You Are Not Alone, We Can Help

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California OnTrack ™ Remains Open for In-Person and Telehealth Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fostering Resiliency, Recovery, and Relapse Prevention at Los Angeles' only TRUE Coordinated Specialty Care program

Our evidence-based group sessions and weekly individual therapy help you work towards goals for education, employment, meaningful friendships, and family. Treatment programs and services are designed for you individually based on your needs and goals.

California OnTrack ™ is based on the NAVIGATE Program developed with the support of the National Institute of Mental Health. NAVIGATE is a comprehensive program designed to provide early and effective treatment to individuals who have experienced a first episode of psychosis. It has been implemented throughout the U.S. as well as in China, Canada, and Israel. The NAVIGATE Program implements Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) for early intervention that relies on joint decision-making, social skills, and peer interaction. We seek to break the stigma associated with mental illness and reduce the duration of untreated psychosis. We provide early intensive Coordinated Specialty Care to promote long-term recovery in order to realize education, employment and life goals. You can find a directory of NAVIGATE and other CSC teams here: 

Our Intensive Coordinated Specialty Care Clinical Services

Treatment Management

Weekly in-house treatment management on a monthly basis by our knowledgeable and empathetic psychiatric team.

Individual Resiliency Training

Learn distress tolerance, acceptance, and cognitive coping skills to increase individual recovery goals, relapse prevention, and improve social functioning and overall well-being.

Recovery Oriented Practice

A shared decision-making process to help our clients establish and take steps towards pursuing goals and living a fulfilling life.

Social Skills Training

Social competency practiced and improved through sessions, community exposure, mealtimes, and our unique Clubhouse-lite program.

Cognitive Health

Proven cognitive remediation to increase and compensate for impaired attention, recall, critical thinking, planning, organization, and problem solving.

Family Systems Therapy

Develop sensitivity, communication, understanding, and problem-solving in the family through skills and support from a designated family therapist.

Clubhouse-life & Wellness

A large club room with space to hang-out so that clients may form meaningful, lasting friendships and a safe place to practice skills learned in group sessions.

Supportive Employment & Education

A one-on-one or group coaching program to manage and overcome obstacles to pursue goals for education and career.

California OnTrack's voluntary Clubhouse provides opportunities for social engagement to form meaningful relationships.

  • Decrease Psychiatric Hospitalization
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Boost Health & Wellness
  • Lead a Continued Employment
  • Establishes Peer Mentorship

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